And my what a beautiful day it is!!!

—— I felt compelled to share this today. Do enjoy!! ——

Day in and day out we hear stories of disaster and neglect, but I can’t help but sit and wonder, do we even realize what exactly it is that we are neglecting and destroying…..

It’s not the earth, or the trees, or the bees, or the oceans or the skies.

No, it can’t be.

None of that matters when we continue to disrespect and take for granted OURSELVES and the quality of poisonous (food) information that we pour into our minds (bodies) at every turn.

WE ARE DOING THIS TO OURSELVES, and none is going to come and save us, and WE LOVE? IT.

Some things in life are seemingly unexplainable.

This world is so much more important than we could ever hope to comprehend and yet it appears so very few of us even have the capability to know how to love and appreciate this magical “thing” that KEEPS US ALIVE.

There is nothing we can do to change the situation we are in until we can be stripped down bare and naked before our own eyes to see the truth of who and what we really are.

Monsters? Heroes? Helpless Victims?

Pick your own labels if you must, but never forget, from dust we gladly came, and to dust we shall reluctantly return!

The world was built for you and I to tend to. Kinda like a garden? En-gard…

But for every problem we see, we must understand that we are on this 70,000 MPH ride whether we want to be or not.

Once we can grasp that, then we can start to see that we are here to be the BEST of ourselves in any and every situation we come across! IN FACT IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO BE THE BEST of ourselves in any and EVERY situation.

Wanna see the world doing better? Be better!

Thanks for being you, none else will do,

Mr. T!