Senior High Students learning how to protect themselves!

Mr. Sir was invited to complement the Wellness High School Class at Southwick Regional School with a Self-Defense component as physical response to Sexual Violence.

This is a first for the Southwick-Tolland Regional School District and we are proud to have been asked to assist in the Wellness Program.

The seven Senior High School students, a staff member and the Wellness teacher participated in the classes, learning how to best protect yourself from violent attacks before going off to College.

The class instruction involved defensive blocking against an attacker’s strikes, offensive punching and kicking to disable the attacker to provide time to get away to a safe place.

The students were trained on effective responses to a variety of physical attacks, including: attacker’s hand and arm grabs, neck choking, and abduction grabs.

It is great to see these students ‘empowered’ with self-confidence, which is real!


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