Hydrate like your life depends upon it

Technically it does right??

As most of us are aware there are 3 things in this life that we CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT.

Air, Water, Food.

I’m sure many of you are already saying, “yes Steve, we’ve heard this a million times!”

But, even so Ill say it again and again til I go crazy(er) haha

Water makes up over 3/4 of the blood as well as the brain and technically every cell.

I understand it can become annoying to use the bathroom 10 times a day when we have all these things that need to get done


Dehydration even as little as 2 percent dramatically reduces performance levels drastically.

There is great evidence pointing toward dehydration being one of the biggest reasons for most dis-eases.


At the end of the day we must ask ourselves this:

Am I getting enough water in my daily diet to aid in digestion as well as cleansing?

OR could I make subtle improvements instead of having a beer, wine, soda or coffee.

It takes discipline to ensure the proper amount of water is consumed each day.

1/2 Bodyweight = Daily minimum for water intake in oz

So at 185 lbs = I need 95* Oz of water per day

Try it for a week and watch after one day of proper hydration how much more efficient your body, and in turn brain, works. Everything in life becomes clearer when the body is optimally hydrated. 


I challenge you to be a better you 🙂